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Icon Amenities Amenities is one of the basic Game Concepts in Civilization VI and contributes to what make Cities grow. Amenities work similarly to the Happiness mechanic in previous Civilization games. Global happiness has been removed and replaced with Amenities, which is a local mechanic that serves to measure the 'happiness' of your citizens. The Amenities panel in the City Info screen displays how happy your population is, as well as a breakdown of any Amenities you might be receiving. Happiness measures the contentment of your people in a single city, and is measured by seeing if the Population of that city has as many Amenities as should be expected. While Amenities are largely local in effect, different sources of Amenities can be either local or shared between cities.

Description[ | ]

1 Icon Amenities Amenity is required for each 2 Icon citizen Population, starting at a Population of 3. A content city will not have any modifier applied to it, but a happy city will have a 10% growth increase and a 5% yield increase. Furthermore, an Ecstatic city will have a 20% growth increase and 10% yield increase. Likewise, having too few Amenities will create displeasure among your Citizens, and the growth and yields will receive negative modifiers. At the level of unrest, your growth will stop and you may find rebel partisans in your city.

Examples to remain content: 0 Icon Amenities Amenities for 2 Citizens. 2 Icon Amenities Amenities for 5 Citizens. 10 Icon Amenities Amenities for 21 Citizens.

A Civilization's Icon Capital Capital starts with a single Amenity by default from entertainment, but additional cities will each start with 0 amenities and require 1 when the 3rd Citizen has been reached.

Amenities can come from a wide variety of sources. Overall, there are six ways to get positive amenities: Resources, Civics, entertainment, Icon unitcommand activate great person Great People, Religion and through the building of National Parks. Adversely, there are two ways to get negative amenities: War weariness and Bankruptcy.

Each Luxury Resource can contribute 1 Amenity to a city. The number of cities it provides this bonus to is typically 4 Cities (6 for Aztecs). The cities are chosen automatically based on which cities have the greatest need for Amenities. Having multiple copies of a Luxury Resource does not extend the benefit past 4 cities, but does allow the player to trade with other Civilizations for resources they lack.

The Arena, built in the Entertainment Complex, provides Amenities to its local city. The Zoo and Stadium also provide Amenities, but regionally, with the bonus extending to any city whose center is within 6 tiles of the Entertainment District the building is in. Some Wonders also provide Amenities. Furthermore, there are a few Religious Beliefs and Policies which will provide additional or bonus Amenities.

Bonuses and penalties[ | ]

Amenities are needed locally for each city and they give bonuses if a city has more amenities than it needs, but penalize a city that has less amenities than it needs.

  • Bonuses due to a positive total of amenities: +10% Growth and +5% non Icon main food Food yields for +1 total amenities in the city (note that actual percentages are subject to change).
  • Penalties due to negative amount of amenities: -15% Growth -5% non Icon main food Food yields for -1 total amenities in the city (note that actual percentages are subject to change).
  • No bonuses or penalties for 0 points.

Strategy[ | ]

See also: Housing Strategy

Icon Amenities Amenities and Icon housing Housing are both related to growing your cities and keeping them happy. Icon main food Food can lose value if cities are either unhappy or if you lack housing. Therefore, early in the game it is important to ensure that cities have adequate amounts of both so that they can continue to grow. If a city is unhappy or lacks housing, growth is slowed considerably. Improving Luxury Resources is an important source of early game Amenities, with each providing Icon Amenities +1 to up to 4 cities. Entertainment complexes are also very important, and their placement relative to your other cities is necessary to optimize their output. Zoos and Stadiums both provide their benefits to any city within a 6 tile radius, and so placing these districts further away from your city center can be beneficial if you have other nearby cities. As a note, this is also true of Industrial Zones.

Sources[ | ]

Positive amenity sources[ | ]

  • Luxury Resources: Each Luxury resource can contribute up to 4 Amenities to your empire with Icon Amenities +1 per city to the 4 cities that need them most. Distribution happens automatically, as long as the Luxury resource is improved (a Plantation improvement built on Spices, for example). Multiple copies of a resource do not provide additional Amenities, but can be traded.
  • Entertainment: The first building in the entertainment complex district (arena) provides amenities to the local city. The next two buildings (zoo and stadium) provide amenities regionally to all city-centers within 6 tiles.
  • Wonders:
  • Religion: Some religious beliefs can increase amenities, such as certain pantheons.
  • Civics: Some specific social policies will have a positive effect on your amenities when slotted in your government.

Negative amenity sources[ | ]

  • War Weariness: Fighting a lot of wars (especially in the later eras) will trigger war weariness. Losing units is an effect of weariness.
  • Bankruptcy: Not having enough Gold to cover your expenses in a turn will put negative amenities on all of your cities (as well as forcing some of your military units to disband).

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