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Ancient Era is one of the Eras in Civilization VI.


From the first stirrings of life beneath water... to the great beasts of the Stone Age... to man taking his first upright steps, you have come far. Now begins your greatest quest: from this early cradle of civilization on towards the stars.



The Ancient Era Technologies
Technology Icon Cost Unlocks Eureka Boost Notes
Icon tech pottery.png
Icon main science.png 25 Icon building granary.png Granary None Allows harvesting of Wheat and Rice.
Animal Husbandry
Icon tech animal husbandry.png
Icon main science.png 25 Icon improvement camp.png Camp, Icon improvement pasture.png Pasture None Allows harvesting of Cattle.
Icon tech mining.png
Icon main science.png 25 Icon improvement mine.png Mine, Icon improvement quarry.png Quarry None Allows clearing of Woods and harvesting of Copper.
Icon tech sailing.png
Icon main science.png 50 Icon unit galley.png Galley, Icon improvement fishing boats.png Fishing Boats Found a city on the Coast. Allows Builders to embark.
Icon tech astrology.png
Icon main science.png 54 Icon building stonehenge.png Stonehenge, Icon district holy site.png Holy Site, Icon building shrine.png Shrine Find a Natural Wonder.
Icon tech irrigation.png
Icon main science.png 54 Icon improvement plantation.png Plantation, Icon building hanging gardens.png Hanging Gardens Farm a Resource Allows clearing of Marsh.
Icon tech writing.png
Icon main science.png 54 Icon district campus.png Campus Icon building library.png Library Meet another Civilization
Icon tech archery.png
Icon main science.png 54 Icon unit archer.png Archer Kill a Unit with a Slinger
Icon tech masonry.png
Icon main science.png 80 Icon unit battering ram.png Battering Ram, Icon building pyramids.png Pyramids, Icon building walls.png Ancient Walls Build a Quarry Allows harvesting Stone
Bronze Working
Icon tech bronze working.png
Icon main science.png 80 Icon resource iron.png Iron, Icon district encampment.png Encampment, Icon building barracks.png Barracks, Icon unit spearman.png Spearman Kill 3 Barbarians Allows clearing of Rainforests
Icon tech wheel.png
Icon main science.png 80 Icon unit heavy chariot.png Heavy Chariot, Icon building water mill.png Water Mill Mine a Resource


The Ancient Era Civics
Civic Icon Cost Unlocks Eureka Boost Notes
Code of Laws
Icon civic code of laws.png
Icon Culture.png 25 Icon policy military.png Discipline, Icon policy military.png Survey, Icon policy economic.png God King, Icon policy economic.png Urban Planning None
Icon civic craftsmanship.png
Icon Culture.png 40 Icon policy economic.png Ilkum, Icon policy military.png Agoge Improve 3 Tiles
Foreign Trade
Icon civic foreign trade.png
Icon Culture.png 40 Icon unit trader.png Trader, Icon policy economic.png Caravansaries, Icon policy military.png Maritime Industries, Joint war.png Joint War Discover a second continent Allows the creation of trade routes
Military Tradition
Icon civic military tradition.png
Icon Culture.png 50 Icon policy military.png Maneuver, Icon policy wildcard.png Strategos Clear a Barbarian outpost Grants flanking and support combat bonuses to all combat units
State Workforce
Icon civic state workforce.png
Icon Culture.png 70 Icon policy economic.png Corvée, Icon policy military.png Conscription Build any district
Early Empire
Icon civic early empire.png
Icon Culture.png 70 Icon policy economic.png Land Surveyors, Icon policy economic.png Colonization, Open borders.png Open Borders Grow your civilization to at least 6 population Unlocks the abilities to enforce borders and grant Open Borders to other civilizations
Icon civic mysticism.png
Icon Culture.png 50 Icon building oracle.png Oracle, Icon policy wildcard.png Inspiration, Icon policy wildcard.png Revelation, 1 Envoy.png Envoy Found a pantheon Awards 1 Envoy


The Ancient Era Buildings
Building Icon Cost Technology/Civic District Traits
Granary Icon building granary.png Icon main production.png 65 Icon tech pottery.png Pottery Icon district city center.png City Center +1 Icon main food.png Food, +2 Icon housing.png Housing
Shrine Icon building shrine.png Icon main production.png 65 Icon tech astrology.png Astrology Icon district holy site.png Holy Site| +2 Icon Faith.png Faith, +1 Icon unitoperation found religion.png Great Prophet Point

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