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Base Stats
Type Cultural
Suzerain Bonus
Your Civilization gains +2% Icon Culture.png Culture for each Great Person it has ever earned.

Antananarivo is one of the City-States in Civilization VI. It is the capital of the modern state of Madagascar, and its largest and most prominent city. Antananarivo, or "Tana" for short, was founded in the 1600s by the Imerina Kingdom, in a war that exterminated the Vazimba natives of Analamanga Hill in Madagascar's central highlands. The Merina king, Andrianjaka, built fortifications and a royal palace complex on the ruins of Analamanga village. The 1,000 soldiers that Andrianjaka left to guard his palace built homes and started families, becoming the first inhabitants of Antananarivo - "The City of a Thousand."

The Imerina Kingdom eventually split into four warring factions, until the southern quadrant based out of Antanarivo succeeded in capturing the near-entirety of Madagascar under the leadership of King Andrianampoinimerina and his progeny. By the time European invaders arrived to Madagascar, they found an island unified by a king in Antananarivo, and thus chose to recognize his legitimacy as the sole sovereign of Madagascar, until deposing the Imerina Kingdom and establishing Antananarivo as their own imperial capital.

Antananarivo's status made it a magnet for all the Malagasy ethnic groups of Madagascar, as well as invaders and immigrants from all over the world. Coastal Malagasy, Chinese, Indians, Polynesians, Arabs, and Europeans have all come to and settled in Antananarivo throughout the 20th & 21st century for work and trading opportunities. It is not known what ultimately happened to the Vazimba, but popular belief in Madagascar maintains to this day that the Vazimba became malevolent spirits who haunt the wilderness and the Vazimba tombs surrounding Antananarivo.