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Icon unit apostle.png
Movement Icon moves.png 4
Promotion Class Religious Apostle
Faith Cost 125 Icon Faith.png
Building Temple or Stave Church
May convert Icon citizen.png Citizens to their Religion and initiate theological combat with units of other religions.

The Apostle is a religious unit in Civilization VI. Each civilization has access to this unit.


With their high Religious Strength and versatility, Apostles are the workhorse religious unit.

Apostles can perform the following actions:

  • Initiate Theological Combat by attacking opposing religious units.
  • Spread Religion, similar to Missionaries.
  • Evangelize Belief, adding a new belief to a religion. (Expends the Apostle, requires 3 charges.)
  • Start Inquisition, unlocking the ability to purchase Inquisitors with Icon Faith.png Faith. (Expends the Apostle, requires 3 charges.)

All Apostles start with a choice between two random Promotions. The Mont St. Michel wonder grants the Martyr promotion for free after the random Promotions are generated.


Unit Promotions
Promotion Description
Icon promotion chaplain.pngChaplain Apostle operates as a Medic, providing extra healing (20 per turn) to Units within 1 Tile.
Icon promotion debater.pngDebater +20 Icon Faith.png Religious Strength in Theological Combat.
Icon promotion heathen conversion.pngHeathen Conversion Can convert all adjacent Barbarians to your side by using a religious charge.
Icon promotion indulgence vendor.pngIndulgence Vendor Gain Icon main gold.png 100 Gold if this unit converts a city to your Religion for the first time.
Icon promotion martyr.pngMartyr Relic is created if this Apostle dies in Theological Combat.
Icon promotion orator.pngOrator Can spread Religion 2 extra times.
Icon promotion pilgrim.pngPilgrim Gain 3 extra spreads when moving adjacent to a natural wonder for the first time.
Icon promotion proselytizer.pngProselytizer Religious spread eliminates other Religions in the target city.
Icon promotion translator.pngTranslator Religious spread is triple strength in cities of other civilizations.


  • There appears at this time a possible bug where the game does not let Inquisitions to be started even if 2 charges remain.
  • Evangelize Belief needs 3 charges but will consume all charges and remove the unit (possible a bug) if you have more from a promotion.



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