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Appeal is part of the Tile Attractions and is one of the Game Concepts in Civilization VI

The term "Appeal" is used to describe a special form of adjacency bonus that just applies to Neighborhoods, and also will affect Culture Victory's Icon Tourism Tourism system through National Parks and Icon Seaside Resorts Seaside Resorts.

Appeal also affects the ability to place National Parks and Seaside Resorts.

A Tile's Appeal can be viewed in its tooltip.

Appeal Levels[ | ]

  • Breathtaking (4 or more Appeal): Neighborhoods provide 6 Icon housing Housing.
  • Charming (2 to 3 Appeal): Neighborhoods provide 5 Icon housing Housing.
  • Average (-1 to 1 Appeal): Neighborhoods provide 4 Icon housing Housing.
  • Uninviting (-3 to -2 Appeal): Neighborhoods provide 3 Icon housing Housing.
  • Disgusting (-4 or less Appeal): Neighborhoods provide 2 Icon housing Housing.

Appeal Effects[ | ]

+2: Each adjacent Natural Wonder.
+1: Each adjacent Icon Holy Site Holy Site, Icon Theater Square Theater Square, Icon Entertainment Complex Entertainment Complex or Wonder
+1: Each adjacent Mountain, Coast, Woods or Oasis.
+1: If the tile is on a River or Lake.
-1: Each adjacent Icon Industrial Zone Industrial Zone, Icon Encampment Encampment, Icon Aerodrome Aerodrome or Icon Spaceport Spaceport.
-1: Each adjacent Rainforests, Marsh or Floodplains.
-1: Each adjacent pillaged tile.
-2: Each adjacent Mine or Quarry.