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This premium DLC adds Australia and leader John Curtin to Civilization VI. John Curtin was Australia’s Prime Minister during World War II, and is credited with providing both strong leadership of the country at that time, as well as establishing the country to take its place in the post-war international order.

Also included is a new scenario, “Outback Tycoon”, a unique, non-combat scenario where you will try to enrich your new territory in a randomly-generated Australian interior.

And Uluru comes to Civilization VI, bringing religion and culture to the territory that surrounds it.

Contents[ | ]

  • Explore Australia in the “Outback TycoonScenario
    • 60 Turn limit
    • Explore Australia, find its natural resources, and use them to enrich your colony
    • Increase your Gold per Turn net income and become the biggest tycoon in the land down under
  • Uluru Natural Wonder: This desert Wonder provides bonus Faith and Culture to Adjacent tiles.