Icon civilization brussels.png
Base Stats
Type Industrial
Suzerain Bonus
Your cities get +15% Icon main production.png Production toward wonders.

Brussels is one of the City-States in Civilization VI. It is the capital and largest city of Belgium, as well as the de facto capital of the European Union due to its hosting of several EU and NATO institutions. Its central location in Western Europe has attracted a multitude of multinational corporate headquarters to the city in addition to its government bureaucracies, and it hosts several major modern transportation hubs to facilitate the constant international movement spurred by its service economy.

Throughout its history Brussels has been known as a Roman, Spanish, Austrian, French, and Dutch city, among many others. Today, the majority of Brussels residents speak French or Dutch as their native language, but a large population of immigrants from around the world has also brought about widespread use of foreign languages like English, Arabic, and Italian. Brussels' historical diversity has also brought it a huge variety of architectural styles, exemplified most in the infamous Grand Palace Square which is home to a variety of buildings built as early as the 14th century and as late as the 20th century.


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