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Icon unit builder.png
Type Civilian
Movement Icon moves.png 2
Production Cost 50 Icon main production.png
Purchase Cost 50 Icon main gold.png
May create Tile Improvements or remove features like Woods or Rainforests. Builders can be used 3 times; this can be increased through policies or wonders like the Pyramids.

The Builder is a civilian unit in Civilization VI. Each civilization has access to this unit.

Differences in Civilization VI[edit | edit source]

In Civilization VI there are no more Workers. Instead there are Builders that disappear once they complete a task. Builders construct their projects immediately, but only have three charges. Note that China's unique ability allows them to rush wonders with builders, and the Aztec's districts. Builders improve various tiles next to cities.

Commands[edit | edit source]

The Builder unit has the following commands available:

List of city improvements[edit | edit source]

Other Actions:

  • Repair Improvement
  • Remove Feature
  • Rush Wonder Production (China)
  • Rush District Production (Aztec)
  • ...

Video[edit | edit source]