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Catherine de' Medici
Icon Catherine
Catherine de' Medici
Civilization France
Bonus Catherine's Flying Squadron
Agenda Ladies-In-Waiting
Ability Grand Tour
Unit Garde Impériale
Building Château
Civ First Look
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Catherine de' Medici is the leader for France in Civilization VI.

History[ | ]

Born an Italian noblewoman, Catherine de' Medici was wed to King Henry II of France and served as Queen from 1547 until her husband's death in 1559. Her influence would extend beyond this brief period as Queen, however, as she went on to bear three sons who would each become King of France during her lifetime.

Her offspring each ruled France during a period of continuous civil and religious war. Despite the constant threat of complex and seemingly insurmountable conflict, Catherine kept the French monarchy intact as she championed both policies of compromise with the rebellious Protestant class and later more hardline stances against them. She was one of the most powerful women in Europe during her lifetime and was known to be a ruthless individual whose efforts inarguably kept the French monarchy in power during one of France's most tumultuous periods.

Intro[ | ]

It falls to you, Catherine de Medici, to use your gifts of knowledge and of the arts to unite your people. Steer carefully through these troubled times, Queen Mother of France. You will build great wonders, drawing visitors from all corners of the earth. With your keen awareness of all things, both those seen and those hidden in the shadows, your empire will certainly stand the test of time.

Leader bonus[ | ]

Catherine's Flying Squadron - Has 1 level of Diplomatic Visibility greater than normal with each of the Civilizations she's met. Receives capacity to build an extra Spy with the Castles Technology.

Leader agenda[ | ]

Ladies-In-Waiting - Gains as many spies and as much diplomatic access as possible. Does not like civilizations who ignore these espionage activities.

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