Civilization VI Wiki

Some of the known detail for Cities in the upcoming Civilization VI.

City Details

  • Instead of taking up a single tile, cities can now expand across multiple Tiles.
  • Everything is now placed on the map, blowing the cities apart. All of the City Upgrades that you build are now spread across the landscape in the area of control of each city.
  • Each City is now comprised of Districts, and there are a total of twelve district types, each with a different role and different bonuses with the terrain, limited by population. The first 5-6 District types are available from the beginning of the game, but afterward, Districts aren't built for free. You first have to build / buy a district and then you can start placing Buildings on it.
  • Number of Districts a city can support is limited by its Population.
  • Cities can still control up to 36 hexes (or Tiles), but the number of Improvements that Cities will need to work the land has been reduced, with districts moving in to fill the gaps.
  • The happiness level will be focused on a city level, rather than on a global basis across your civilization.
  • Harbors can be built on water tiles (additionally "If you do, you can’t build something else in that tile, like a Wonder"), so no Pyramids in the water!
  • Districts can be containers for additional buildings (holy sites that will eventually house religious buildings such as churches or temples)