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Culture victory

The Culture victory is a victory condition in Civilization VI. This is one of the more difficult victories to achieve. Icon Culture Culture allows players to generate Icon Tourism Tourism, spreading their output over the years, influencing other civilizations.

Description[ | ]

To achieve a Culture victory, you must attract visiting tourists by generating high amounts of Icon Culture Culture and Icon Tourism Tourism. Victory is achieved when you attract more visiting tourists to your civilization than any other civilization has domestic tourists at home.

  • A player's domestic tourists represent the tourists from a player's civilization that are currently happy vacationing within the player's borders.
  • A player's visiting tourists represent the number of citizens a player has attracted from the domestic tourist pools of other civilizations

Notes[ | ]

The Culture victory guide teaches the applications of Icon Culture Culture and Icon Tourism Tourism. Cultural victories require a player's mid-to-late game Tourism generation to surpass all competing civilization's individual Culture output over the years. Players must learn the best Wonders, Ideologies, and how to use Great Artists, Writers, and Musicians to spread their civilization's influence around the world.

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