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A list of known Easter Eggs in Civilization VI.

Firaxis References[ | ]

Sectoid Broadway

Sectoids on Broadway.

  • On the Broadway Wonder's billboards you can see a few of the Sectoids from Xcom another title from Firaxis Games (See image below). Holding the Alt key while dragging the screen will let you rotate the camera and get a few more views.
  • Frederick Barbarossa's (Germany's Leader) brooch is emboldened with the Firaxis Games' Logo (See image below).
  • If you leave the map over a Holy Site you can hear bits of the musical track "Terra Novum", the theme from Civilization V Brave New World.

Popular Culture References[ | ]

General Easter Eggs / Tricks[ | ]

  • If you zoom in on water tiles and "shake" the camera, you can hear the sound of water splashing.
  • You can input any of the icons in the game into your Religion, (See image below). (Thanks to Torgard)
  • When you unlock the Hello Cleveland achievement, after the rock band's riff plays, you will hear the words "Hello Cleveland" shouted by your rock band's singer as the music dies down
  • When you have a fortified Scout, a button appears that lets you pet the scout's dog
Inputting [ICON_ICONNAME] into the input field will force it to show up as the icon. You can find all of the icons in XML files at:
Steam\SteamApps\common\Sid Meier's Civilization VI\Base\Assets\UI\Icons
"For example, I named my religion "SNIB [ICON_RESOURCE_CRABS] SNAB", whose icon is in Icons_Resources.xml."

Images[ | ]