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Icon notification give influence token

Icon Envoy Envoys one of the Game Concepts in Civilization VI. Envoys are a type of emissary that players can send to City-States for the purpose of furthering their agenda in Civilization VI. Icon Envoy Envoys earn Resources over time and, the more Envoys you send to a particular City-State, the greater the influence you have over that City-State. With enough influence, you can become Suzerain of that City-State, which yields unique bonuses and guarantees allegiance during times of peace and War. Suzerains can even pay gold to levy the City-State’s military units for a limited time.

Players can even send an Envoy to a City-State they are at war with, potentially changing the City-State's allegiance in the middle of the conflict. Declaring war on a City-State removes all Envoys the player has there; otherwise, Envoys stay on a City-State permanently.

There are certain conditions and actions that may allow Envoys to be removed from a City-State, and there will be more information on these situations as we get closer to the launch of Civilization VI.