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Civilization Indonesia
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Gitarja is the leader for Indonesia in Civilization VI.

History[ | ]

Intro[ | ]

Leader bonus[ | ]

Great Nusantara[ | ]

Coast and lake tiles provide an adjacency bonus for Holy Sites , Campuses, industrial Zones and Theater Squares. Religious units pay no movement to embark or disembark. +1 Amenity from entertainment to each Entertainment Complex bordering coast or lake tiles.

Jong[ | ]

Unique indonesian Naval unit of Medieval Era, replacing the Frigate. Formation-Units inherit the movement speed of the convoy and +5 Fighting strength if in a formation.

Kampung[ | ]

Activates the craftsman skill to build a Kampung. +1 production and +1 housing. +1 food for every adjacent Fishing Boats. additional production, housing and tourism for progress in Technology- and alignment-tree . Must be built on a coast or lake tile adjecent to an offshore resource.

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Naval units can be purchased with faith.