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Icon leader gorgo
Civilization Greece
Bonus Thermopylae
Agenda With Your Shield or On It
Unit Hoplite
District Acropolis
Civ First Look
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Gorgo is one of the leaders for Greece in Civilization VI.

History[ | ]

Though not much is known about her childhood, history remembers Queen Gorgo of Sparta, married to King Leonidas I in the 5th century BC, as a wise politician and capable ruler. She reigned alongside her King during the Greco-Persian Wars, a series of conflicts between the Persian Empire and the independent Greek city-states, and aided King Leonidas in his quest to form a coalition to muster against the impending invasion from Xerxes.

Though Xerxes made some advancements and held a large chunk of Europe during his invasion, the Greeks eventually expelled the Persians from Europe and ensured no Persian soldiers stepped on Spartan soil.

Intro[ | ]

Gorgo, Queen of Sparta; glory to you and your loyal hoplite armies! Greece savors the blessings from Ares that every victory brings. And your people applaud your thoughtful governance and cultural marvels. Stand proud, for the legacy of Greece, and of your achievements, will be told over and over again for generations.

Leader bonus[ | ]

Thermopylae - Gorgo's unique ability allows her to gain culture from conflict. Whenever her units are victorious in combat, she'll accrue culture equal to 50% of the base strength of the defeated unit.

Leader agenda[ | ]

With Your Shield or On It - Gorgo seeks glory in combat, therefore she will never give up items in a peace deal. She prefers civs who haven't yielded in a peace deal and dislikes any civ who has surrendered in a peace deal or any civ who has never engaged in war.

(Hidden) - Likes a strong air force.

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