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Base Stats
Movement 1
Yield +2 Icon main food Food

Grasslands is one of the various Terrain types in Civilization VI.

Description[ | ]

This terrain provides the most Food. Cities that are built nearby grow faster than anywhere else. However, there are no defensive bonuses for this unprepared unit.

From Civilopedia:

Grasslands, blessed with rich and fertile soils, have been the heart of many civilizations, providing the food and open frontiers so necessary for expansion. Unfortunately, even barbarian also realizes this, and so grasslands have been fertilized with blood over the centuries.

Traits[ | ]

+ 2 Food

Valid Resources[ | ]

Antiquity Site, Cattle, Citrus, Coffee, Cotton, Horses, Jade, Marble, Niter, Rice, Stone, Tea, Tobacco, Uranium, Wine

Media[ | ]

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