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Great Artist

Great Artists are one of the types of Icon unitcommand activate great person Great People in Civilization VI. Icon unitoperation artist action Great Artists, Icon unitoperation musician action Great Musicians and Icon unitoperation writer action Great Writers are special people who produce Great Works – paintings or sculptures – that can be housed in civilizations to attract Icon Tourism tourists.

List of Great Artists[ | ]

Name Era Activated Effect
Amrita Sher-Gil Information Era Three Girls (Greatwork portrait Portrait)

Bride's Toilet (Greatwork portrait Portrait)

Self Portrait (Greatwork portrait Portrait)

Andrei Rublev Renaissance Era Annunciation (Greatwork religious Religious)

Savior in Glory (Greatwork religious Religious)

Ascension (Greatwork religious Religious)

Angelica Kauffman Modern Era Ana Maria Jenkins and Thomas Jefferson (Greatwork portrait Portrait)

Portrait of Johann Joachim Winckelmann (Greatwork portrait Portrait)

Sarah Harrop as a Muse (Greatwork portrait Portrait)

Boris Orlovsky Information Era Mikhail Kutuzov (Greatwork sculpture Sculpture)

Alexander Victory Column (Greatwork sculpture Sculpture)

Bust of Tsar Alexander (Greatwork sculpture Sculpture)

Claude Monet Atomic Era Water Lillies (Greatwork landscape Landscape)

Sunrise Impression (Greatwork landscape Landscape)

Haystack at Giverny (Greatwork landscape Landscape)

Donatello Renaissance Era Saint Mark (Greatwork sculpture Sculpture)

Gattamelata (Greatwork sculpture Sculpture)

Judith Slaying Holofernes (Greatwork sculpture Sculpture)

Edmonia Lewis Atomic Era The Death of Cleopatra (Greatwork sculpture Sculpture)

Marriage of Hiawatha (Greatwork sculpture Sculpture)

Pompeiian Girl (Greatwork sculpture Sculpture)

El Greco Industrial Era Adoration of the Magi (Greatwork religious Religious)

The Assumption of the Virgin (Greatwork religious Religious)

View of Toledo (Greatwork landscape Landscape)

Gustav Klimt Information Era The Kiss (Greatwork portrait Portrait)

Avenue of Schloss Kammer Park (Greatwork landscape Landscape)

Sunflower (Greatwork landscape Landscape)

Hieronymus Bosch Renaissance Era The Last Judgement (Greatwork religious Religious)

The Garden of Earthly Delights (Greatwork religious Religious)

The Haywain Triptych (Greatwork religious Religious)

Jang Seung-eop Modern Era Saminmunnyeondo (Greatwork landscape Landscape)

Rooster (Greatwork landscape Landscape)

Ssangma Immuldo (Greatwork landscape Landscape)

Katsushika Hokusai Modern Era The Great Wave Off Kanagawa (Greatwork landscape Landscape)

Lake Suwa in Shinano (Greatwork landscape Landscape)

Fuji Mountains in Clear Weather (Greatwork landscape Landscape)

Marie-Anne Collot Atomic Era Portrait of Pierre Etienne Falconet (Greatwork sculpture Sculpture)

Portrait of Catherine II (Greatwork sculpture Sculpture)

Portrait of Marie Cathcart (Greatwork sculpture Sculpture)

Mary Cassatt Information Era Lydia Leaning on Her Arms (Greatwork portrait Portrait)

The Child's Bath (Greatwork portrait Portrait)

The Cup of Tea (Greatwork portrait Portrait)

Michelangelo Renaissance Era Sistine Chapel Ceiling (Religious Art)

Pieta (Greatwork sculpture Sculpture)

David (Greatwork sculpture Sculpture)

Qiu Ying Industrial Era Spring Morning in the Han Palace (Greatwork landscape Landscape)

Fisherman in Reclusion Among the Lotus Stream (Greatwork landscape Landscape)

Red Cliff (Greatwork landscape Landscape)

Rembrandt van Rijn Industrial Era Andries de Graeff (Greatwork portrait Portrait)

Agatha Bas (Greatwork portrait Portrait)

Abraham and Isaac (Greatwork religious Religious)

Sofonisba Anguissola Modern Era Three Sisters Playing Chess (Greatwork portrait Portrait)

Philip II of Spain (Greatwork portrait Portrait)

A Monk (Greatwork portrait Portrait)

Titian Industrial Era Assunta (Greatwork religious Religious)

Salome with the Head of John the Baptist (Greatwork religious Religious)

Equestrian Portrait of Charles V (Greatwork portrait Portrait)

Vincent van Gogh Atomic Era Starry Night (Greatwork landscape Landscape)

Café Terrace at Night (Greatwork landscape Landscape)

The Night Cafe (Greatwork landscape Landscape)