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Great Musician

Great Musicians are one of the types of Icon unitcommand activate great person.png Great People in Civilization VI. Mini Icon Great Artist.png Great Artists, Mini Icon Great Musician.png Great Musicians and Icon Writer.png Great Writers are special people who produce Great Works – paintings or sculptures – that can be housed in civilizations to attract Icon Tourism.png tourists.

List of Great Musicians[]

Name Era Activated Effect
Antonin Dvorak Atomic Era New World Symphony, Serenade No. 22
Antônio Carlos Gomes Modern Era Fosca Mvt. 1,
Antonio Vivaldi Industrial Era Four Seasons: Winter, La Notte Concerto
Clara Schumann
Franz Liszt
Frederic Chopin
Gauhar Jaan
Johann Sebastian Bach Industrial Era "Little" Fugue in G minor, Cello Suite No.1
Juventino Rosas Atomic Era Sobre las Olas, Vals Carmen
Lili'uokalani Atomic Era Lili'uokalani's Prayer, Sanoe
Liu Tianhua Modern Era Liang Xiao, Kong Shan Niao Yu
Ludwig van Beethoven Industrial Era Ode to Joy (Symphony #9) (Music). Symphony #3 (Eroica Symphony) Mvt. 1 (Music)
Mykola Leontovych Information Era Carol of the Bells, Prelude for Choir
Peter Ilyich Tchaikovsky Modern Era 1812 Overture, Dance of the Little Swans
Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart Industrial Era Eine Kleine Nachtmusic, Symphony #40 Mvt. 1
Yatsuhashi Kengyo Industrial Era Rokudan no Shirabe, Hachidan No Shirabe