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Great Works of Music are Great Works that are produced by Great Musicians.

Buildings with music slots[ | ]

The following buildings have slots for Great Works of Music:

Name Era Type Slots
Bolshoi Theatre Bolshoi Theatre Industrial Era Wonder 1
Broadcast Center Broadcast Center Modern Era Building 1
Broadway Broadway Modern Era Wonder 1
Sydney Opera House Sydney Opera House Atomic Era Wonder 3

List of Great Works of Music[ | ]

  • Sobre las Olas - Juventino Rosas
  • Symphony #3 (Eroica Symphony) Mvt.1 - Ludwig Van Beethoven
  • Ode to Joy (Symphony #9) - Ludwig Van Beethoven
  • Rokudan No Shirabe - Yatsuhashi Kengyo
  • Hachidan No Shirabe - Yatsuhashi Kengyo
  • Eine Kleine Nachtmusik - Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart
  • Symphony #40, Mvt. 1 - Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart