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Introduced in the Civilization VI Expansion: Rising Storm. The previous Warmongering system has been replaced with a new representation of how other players view your warlike actions: Grievances.

Description[ | ]

Now, when other players wrong you by Denouncement, Declaration of War, or capturing or razing one of your cities, you gain Grievances against them and may retaliate in kind with the world's approval. No longer will you be Denounced for a fair, punitive city capture after an unjustified war.

You may also use Grievance to request Promises from other players. If the other player continues to go against your wishes that you indicate in this manner, they will continually generate Grievances that you can use to justify a war against them.

But the world at large still pays attention to the overall Grievance that other players have against you. If you have grieved others more than they have grieved you, third-parties will notice, and it will impact their opinion of you.