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Icon district hansa
Base Cost Icon main production 30 Icon main production
Era Medieval Era
Provides +2 Icon main production Production
Technology Icon tech apprenticeship Apprenticeship

The Hansa is one of the Unique District from Germany in Civilization VI.

Description[ | ]

Unlike the industrial zone's which gives +1 production for adjacent mines, quarries and districts. The Hansa gives +1 production for each adjacent resource including the industrial zone's bonus. It also costs half the production of the industrial zone and doesn't count toward the maximum amount of districts in a city based on the population. The Hansa also gives +2 production if it's adjacent to a commercial hub and it stacks if there's more than one adjacent to it. It also gives 2 production if it's adjacent to any type of strategic resource. All of these effects stack with each other. To top it off, the Hansa gets +1 production for every two adjacent districts.

Notes[ | ]

  • Adjacency: Major Icon main production Production bonus if adjacent to a Commercial Hub district. Standard Icon main production Production bonus for each adjacent Resource. Minor Icon main production Production bonus for adjacent Districts Tiles.

Trivia[ | ]

Unlike the normal industrial zone, the Hansa has many small buildings. The normal industrial zone doesn't have small buildings.

Gallery[ | ]