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Icon district hansa.png
Base Cost Icon main production.png 30 Icon main production.png
Era Medieval Era
Provides +2 Icon main production.png Production
Technology Icon tech apprenticeship.png Apprenticeship

The Hansa is one of the Unique District from Germany in Civilization VI.


Unlike the industrial zone's which gives +1 production for adjacent mines, quarries and districts. The Hansa gives +1 production for each adjacent resource including the industrial zone's bonus. It also costs half the production of the industrial zone and doesn't count toward the maximum amount of districts in a city based on the population. The Hansa also gives +2 production if it's adjacent to a commercial hub and it stacks if there's more than one adjacent to it. It also gives 2 production if it's adjacent to any type of strategic resource. All of these effects stack with each other. To top it off, the Hansa gets +1 production for every two adjacent districts.


  • Adjacency: Major Icon main production.png Production bonus if adjacent to a Commercial Hub district. Standard Icon main production.png Production bonus for each adjacent Resource. Minor Icon main production.png Production bonus for adjacent Districts Tiles.


Unlike the normal industrial zone, the Hansa has many small buildings. The normal industrial zone doesn't have small buildings.