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Harald Hardrada
Icon leader hardrada
Harald Hardrada
Civilization Norway
Bonus Thunderbolt of the North
Agenda Last Viking King
Ability Knarr
Unit Berserker
Other Viking Longship
Building Stave Church
Civ First Look
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Harald Hardrada is the leader for Norway in Civilization VI.

History[ | ]

Harald Hardrada is the last Great Viking King.

Norway's eventual king wasn't always close to the throne. Exiled from his native land in 1030 after supporting his half-brother Olaf's failed campaign, Hardrada sought refuge in Kievan Rus and later, Constantinople. Being a highly skilled warrior, he climbed the ranks of the Varangian Guard, earning the nickname "Devastator of the Bulgarians" after quelling an uprising.

In 1042 he returned to Norway and skillfully maneuvered his way into joint kingship with Magnus I. After Magnus' passing, the now sole ruler of Norway warred with Sweyn, King of Denmark, in 1048 until 1064 before settling peacefully. He then attempted to claim the throne of England, perishing during the Battle of Stamford Bridge in 1066.

Hardrada's reign was marked by war, but also by great progress. Peace flourished as Norway was unified under a strong government, new currency, external trade, and religious advancement.

Intro[ | ]

All men fear the approach of your ships, King Harald of Norway, Thunderbolt of the North. Your longboats dominate the waves, always at the ready to unleash their berserker armies on an unsuspecting shore. May Odin bless your kingdom and may the skalds sing tales of the victories of your mighty warriors.

Leader bonus[ | ]

Thunderbolt of the North - Allows coastal raiding for all naval melee units.

Leader agenda[ | ]

Last Viking King - Builds a large navy and respects civilizations who follow his lead. Does not like civilizations with a weak navy.

Exploitative - (Hidden) Clears all features and improves all possible tiles. Likes civilizations with a high percentage of improved tiles. Dislikes civilizations with low percentage of improved tiles or that found National Parks.

Quotes[ | ]

Trivia[ | ]

In his monologues, Harald Hardrada does not speak norwegian, but in fact Icelandic.

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