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Hojo Tokimune
Icon leader hojo
Hojo Tokimune
Civilization Japan
Bonus Divine Wind
Agenda Bushido
Ability Meiji Restoration
Unit Samurai
Building Electronics Factory
Civ First Look
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Hojo Tokimune is the leader for Japan in Civilization VI.

History[ | ]

Hojo Tokimune, born in 1251, was the eighth Shikken (de facto ruler, or Shogun-regent) of Japan. He is chiefly remembered for leading Japanese forces to victory against the invading Mongol Empire, as well as spreading Zen Buddhism throughout Japan and championing the Bushido way of life.

Tokimune was known to rule with an iron fist. After the Mongol Empire first attempted invasion in 1274 and was summarily defeated, it sent five emissaries to meet with Tokimune. These emissaries refused to leave without an audience with the Shikken, to which Tokimune responded by having them beheaded. Again, five more emissaries were sent, and again Tokimune had them all beheaded. This resulted in another invasion in 1281, which also failed – this time in part due to an unforeseen typhoon. As the threat of the Mongol Empire loomed over Japan for years, the samurai warrior class established itself as a formidable force and led all of Japan's defensive efforts, securing a legacy as one of the toughest warrior classes the world has ever known.

Tokimune was more than just a great military leader, however, and was also a strong patron of Zen Buddhism, bringing notable Zen monks from China to Japan and endowing temples. In part, because of his deep investment in Zen, the sect became widespread among the samurai class during his lifetime and long after. Tokimune was only 33 when he died, but feudal Japan bore the stamp of his leadership for centuries after.

Intro[ | ]

The great wave of Buddhism follows you, Shikken of Japan, Hojo Tokimune. Your people truly understand what it is to practice balance, and even your finest samurai will be well-learned and spiritually apt. Be strong, embrace the divine wind, and you will reach enlightenment.

Leader bonus[ | ]

Divine Wind - Land units receive +5 Icon map pin strength Combat Strength in land tiles adjacent to Coast; naval units receive +5 Icon map pin strength Combat Strength in shallow water tiles. Builds Encampment, Holy Site and Theater Square districts in half the time.

Leader agenda[ | ]

Bushido - Likes civilizations with a strong military, but only if they are also strong in Faith or Culture., Dislikes civs if they are strong in Military but weak in Faith or Culture

Expansionist - Likes civs that gain land. Dislikes civs with little land.

Quotes[ | ]

"Ikaga aru. Ware wa Nihonkoku no bushido no shinnkousha, Tokimune Hojo." Translation:  Hello, I am Hojo Tokimune of Japan, a humble disciple of Bushido= First Meet

"Nanji wa hinode no gotoku tsuyoku kagayaku mikado no kuni wo kizukannya." Translation: You build your empire as the Rising Sun: powerful and brilliant.= Bushido, positive

"Karada, kokoro, tamashii wo kitaen mono bushido nari. Nanji no tami wa, izukunite sore wo nasannya." Translation: To follow Bushido is to train the mind, the body, and the soul...but where can your people do so?= Bushido, Negative

"Kamikaze warera wo mamori, onore wa katsute no gotoku metsubou seruran." Translation: The kamikaze will protect us and you will fall, like the others.= Declared war as Defender

"Kore made tari. Kono orokana shibai wo owarsen!" Translation: I will not allow the Empire to suffer you any longer. The time has come to end this charade!= Declared war as Attacker

"Hojyo ke tari, waga tami no kizuna wo na kake tamai so." Translation: Please end this dishonor to my my people.= Defeated

"You are a foolish, simple leader. And your people should know the truth."= Denouncing you

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