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Holy Site
Icon district holy site.png
Holy Site
Base Cost Icon main production.png 114
Era Ancient Era
Provides +1 Icon unitoperation found religion.png Great Prophet Point per turn.
Technology Icon tech astrology.png Astrology
"A district in your city for religious worship."
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The Holy Site is one of the Districts in Civilization VI.


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In god-driven civilizations, it is not unknown for religious "districts" to evolve in some cities, where all the shrines, temples, monasteries, altars, churches huddle together. Often, these seem to spring up on a holy site, the place of some miracle, vision or revelation. The holiest site in Islam, centered on the Kaaba, is one such. Jerusalem is an epicenter for holy sites. Then there's the Roman Catholic Vatican, a whole holy city built in the midst of Rome. And folk still make pilgrimages to such sites, such as the Hajj to Mecca or the Sikhs' daily prayer to visit the Golden Temple at Amritsar or the fervent with to see the temple Mount by the Chosen People.



Replaced by: Lavra

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