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Huey Teocalli
Icon building huey teocalli
Huey Teocalli
Base Cost Icon main production 180
Era Medieval Era
Provides +1 Icon main food Food
+1 Icon main production Production for each Lake Tile in your empire.
Technology Icon Military Tactics Military Tactics
Wonder Movie
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The Huey Teocalli is one of the Wonders in Civilization VI. The Huey Teocalli is unlocked through the Technology Tree.

Description[ | ]

Otherwise known as the Greater Temple of the Aztecs, the Huey Teocalli is a giant terraced pyramid leading up to a temple where some of the most important Aztec rituals were performed. Unfortunately, there is very little left of the Huey Teocalli today, save for some scattered ruins in the Zocalo main square of Mexico City’s downtown district.

Notes[ | ]

  • +1 Icon Amenities Amenities from entertainment for each adjacent Lake Tile.
  • Must be built on a Lake Tile adjacent to land.
  • This wonder is part of the preorder Aztecs bonus pack.

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