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Disambig This article is about the Civics boost. For the Wildcard policy, see Inspiration (policy).

Research of various Civics works similar to Technology in previous Civ games, but each Civic has an "Inspiration" objective / bonus. This bonus is a sort of Quest (such as "Meet another Civilization" or "Build a Quarry") which when completed, will award a research credit worth 50% of the Icon Culture Culture previously needed to unlock that Civic. You can get the Culture credit whether or not you are currently researching the civic in question.

List of Inspiration boosts[ | ]

Objective Civic Boosted Era
Improve 3 tiles Craftsmanship Ancient
Discover a second continent Foreign trade Ancient
Clear a Barbarian Outpost Military tradition Ancient
Build any district State workforce Ancient
Grow your civilization to at least 6 population Early empire Ancient
Found a pantheon Mysticism Ancient
Research the Construction technology Games and recreation Classical
Meet 3 city-states Political philosophy Classical
Build a wonder Drama and poetry Classical
Build an Encampment Military training Classical
Be the target of a Declaration of War Defensive tactics Classical
Build 2 Campus districts Recorded history Classical
Found a Religion Theology Classical
Kill a unit with a Quadrireme Naval tradition Medieval
Build 6 Farms Feudalism Medieval
Grow a city to 10 population Civil service Medieval
Have 8 land combat units in your military Mercenaries Medieval
Maintain 4 Trade Routes Medieval faires Medieval
Build 2 Markets Guilds Medieval
Build 2 Temples Divine right Medieval
Build 2 Caravels Exploration Renaissance
Earn a Great Artist Humanism Renaissance
Have an alliance with another civilization Diplomatic service Renaissance
Have 6 cities following your Religion Reformed church Renaissance
Earn a Great Merchant Mercantilism Renaissance
Earn 3 Great People The enlightenment Renaissance
Research the Astronomy technology Colonialism Industrial
Build 7 different specialty districts Civil engineering Industrial
Declare war using a casus belli Nationalism Industrial
Build an Art Museum Opera and ballet Industrial
Build an Archaeological Museum Natural history Industrial
Grow a city to 15 population Urbanization Industrial
Build 2 Field Cannons Scorched earth Industrial
Have a Neighborhood district with Breathtaking Appeal Conservation Modern
Research Radio Mass media Modern
Have 3 Corps in your military Mobilization Modern
Build 3 Stock Exchanges Capitalism Modern
Build a Research Lab Nuclear program Modern
Build 4 Sewers Suffrage Modern
Build 3 Military Academies Totalitarianism Modern
Build 3 Factories Class struggle Modern
Have a Themed Museum Cultural heritage Atomic
Research the Nuclear Fission technology Cold war Atomic
Build 4 Entertainment Complex districts Professional sports Atomic
Build an Aerodrome or Airstrip on a foreign continent Rapid deployment Atomic
Build a Spaceport district Space race Atomic
Build 3 Airports Globalization Information
Research the Telecommunications technology Social media Information

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