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Leaders in Civilization VI each have a fixed agenda as well as a "hidden" Agenda. As you trade, you can get gossip information, and from interaction gain more knowledge about other Leaders through espionage. For example,

  • Teddy hates other Leaders who start Wars, but loves pacifists.
  • Egypt (Cleopatra) or Norway(Harald) loves Leaders who are more aggressive or have a strong military or navy

Civilizations can have more than one leader(Greece). These leaders have access to the same units and buildings/wonders/districts, but they have different agendas and bonuses, which allows for different playstyles.

List of Leaders[]

Leaders and their Bonuses, Agendas, and uniques
Civilization Leader Leader Bonuses Leader Agenda Uniques
America Character Teddy.png Teddy Roosevelt Roosevelt Corollary Big Stick Policy Rough Rider, Film Studio
Arabia Character Saladin.png Saladin Righteousness Of The Faith Ayyubid Dynasty Mamluk, Madrasa
Australia Character John Curtin.png John Curtin Citadel of Civilization Perpetually on Guard Digger, Outback Station
Aztec Character Montezuma.png Montezuma Gifts For The Tlatoani Tlatoani Eagle Warrior, Tlachtli
Brazil Character Pedro.png Pedro II Magnanimous Patron of the Arts Minas Geraes, Street Carnival
China Character Qin.png Qin Shi Huang The First Emperor Wall of 10,000 Li Great wall, Crouching Tiger
Egypt Character Cleopatra.png Cleopatra Mediterranean's Bride Queen Of The Nile Maryannu Chariot Archer, Sphinx
England Character Victoria.png Victoria Pax Britannica Sun Never Sets Redcoat, Sea Dog, Royal Navy Dockyard
France Character Catherine.png Catherine de' Medici Catherine's Flying Squadron Black Queen Garde Imperiale, Chateau,


Germany Character Frederick.png Frederick Barbarossa Holy Roman Emperor Iron Crown U-Boat, Hansa
Greece Character Gorgo.png Gorgo Thermopylae With Your Shield or On It Hoplite, Acropolis
Character Pericles.png Pericles Surrounded By Glory Delian League Hoplite, Acropolis
India Character Gandhi.png Gandhi Satyagraha Peacekeeper Varu, Stepwell
Japan Character Hojo.png Hojo Tokimune Divine Wind Bushido Samurai, Electronics Factory
Kongo Character Mvemba a Nzinga.png Mvemba a Nzinga Religious Convert Enthusiastic Disciple
Norway Character Harald.png Harald Hardrada Thunderbolt Of The North Last Viking King Berserker, Viking Longship,

Stave Church

Nubia Character Amanitore.png Amanitore Ta-Seti City Planner Pítati, Nubian Pyramid
Persia Character Cyrus II.png Cyrus II Satrapies Opportunist Immortal, Pairidaeza
Poland Character Jadwiga.png Jadwiga Lithuanian Union Saint Winged Hussar, Sukiennice
Rome Character Trajan.png Trajan Trajan's Column Optimus Princeps Legion, Baths
Russia Character Peter.png Peter Grand Embassy Westernizer Cossack
Scythia Character Tomyris.png Tomyris People of the Steppes Backstab Averse Saka Horse Archer
Spain Character Philip.png Philip II El Escorial Counter Reformer Conquistador, Mission
Sumeria Character Gilgamesh.png Gilgamesh Adventures With Enkidui Ally of Enkidui War Cart, Ziggurat

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