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Icon unit roman legion
Type Land Combat
Movement Icon moves 2
Melee Strength Melee Strength 40
Build Charges 1
Promotion Class Melee
Production Cost 110 Icon main production
Purchase Cost 110 Icon main gold
Technology Iron Working
Maintenance Cost 2 Icon main gold
Upgrades From Swordsman
Upgrades To Musketman
Roman unique Classical era melee unit that replaces the Swordsman. Can build a Roman Fort.
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The Legion is a land combat melee unique unit in Civilization VI. This unit is unique to Rome.

Description[ | ]

Roman Legions were massive armies comprised of solider counts in the thousands. These armies utilized an infantry system called maniples – with 120 men in 12 files and 10 ranks, all part of a much larger organized structure. Armed with a pilum javelin, gladius sword, metal helmets, armor, and shields, soldiers shocked opponents by throwing their pilum and followed up with the gladius in close quarters.

Usage[ | ]

Legion units can construct Roman Forts.

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