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Kupe leads the the Maori Civilization in Civilization 6 (VI) Gathering Storm. Kupe's leader ability is Kupe's Voyage. The initial Maori units begin the game in the ocean, and receive science and culture per turn before settling. When you settle your first city, you receive a free builder and extra population. The palace also receives additional housing and amenities. The Maori unique infastructure is the Marae. This replaces the ampitheater in the theater square. It provides culture and faith to all tiles in the city with a passable feature, such as floodplains, and tourism after researching flight. The Maori's unique unit is the Toa . This classical era melee unit can construct a Pa improvement on hills, which provides a defensive bonus and heals units if they end their turn on this tile. Toa also have the Haka war Dance ability, which weakens adjacent enemy units. The Maori's unique ability is Mana They start with the sailing and shipbuilding technologies, and embarked units recaive additional strength and movement. Woods and Rainforest tiles provide additional production, and fishing boats get addition food. Fishing boats also acquire adjacent tiles when built.