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Modern Era is one of the Eras in Civilization VI.

Information[ | ]

In the beginning, legends of flying men soared. And today, you are on the brink of transforming those legends into a reality. With flight and new forms of communication you can create a small and intimate world. But at what cost? Our competing ideas of how to govern and how to live threaten to bring conflict on a global scale. You must choose your own path through this rising din of ideological oratory.

Units[ | ]

Technologies[ | ]

The Modern Era Technologies
Technology Icon Cost Era Unlocks Eureka Boost Notes
Icon tech flight
Icon main science ? Modern Era Biplane, Airfield, Aerodrome, Paratrooper, Airport Build an Industrial Era or later Wonder.
Replaceable Parts
Icon tech replaceable parts
Icon main science ? Modern Era Infantry Own 3 Musketmen
Icon tech steel
Icon main science ? Modern Era Eiffel Tower, Artillery, Destroyer Build a Icon Resource Coal Coal Mine
Icon tech electricity
Icon main science ? Modern Era Loading Dock, Submarine, Power Plant Own 3 Privateers
Icon tech radio
Icon main science ? Modern Era Resort, Broadcast Center Build a National Park
Icon tech chemistry
Icon main science ? Modern Era Research Lab, Bazooka Complete a Research Agreement
Icon tech combustion
Icon main science ? Modern Era Reveals Icon Resource Oil Oil, Tank, Oil Well, Modern Roads Extract an Artifact

Buildings[ | ]

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