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National Parks
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Naturalists may be purchased in your city with Icon Faith Faith after researching the Conservation Civic, and can be used to designate National Parks. Creating a National Park consumes the Naturalist unit.

Requirements[ | ]

National Parks can be built on a cluster of any four contiguous hexes that meet the following requirements:

  • The tiles must be natural wonders, Mountains, or a tile with an Appeal of Charming or better.
  • All four of the tiles must be owned by the same city.
  • The tiles must form a (vertical) diamond shape (not a slanted diamond).
  • No tile can have an Improvement or District on it.

With the Naturalist active, zoom out and view the map - any usable areas will be highlighted in white. Use the Appeal lens to find areas that are almost usable, and might just require you to purchase another tile, or plant a forest to raise appeal.

Notes[ | ]

  • A National Park's Icon Tourism Tourism output is equal to the total Appeal of all the tiles included in the Park. Creating a National Park will also give your Civilization extra Icon Amenities Amenities. You will receive 2 Icon Amenities Amenities in the city that owns the park and 1 Icon Amenities Amenity towards the 4 closest cities in your empire.
  • Tiles within the Park can be worked by Citizens as normal.