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Peter the Great
Icon leader peter great
Peter the Great
Civilization Russia
Bonus The Grand Embassy
Agenda Westernizer
Ability Mother Russia
Unit Cossack
District Lavra
Civ First Look
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Peter is the leader for Russia in Civilization VI.

History[ | ]

Known for his vast reforms and modernizations, Peter the Great has a resume few can match.

Peter modernized Russia at a widespread level – primarily expanding his nation's naval abilities for both trade and warfare, and gaining access to the Black Sea by capturing Azov from the Crimean Tatar vassals of Turkey. In 1697 he discretely went to Western Europe in the Grand Embassy to examine international affairs.

Peter led a coalition against the Swedish Empire in the 21-year Great Northern War. A historic victory was won in the Battle of Poltava in 1709, but it wasn't until 1721 that the Baltic belonged to Russia.

As "Emperor of All Russia", Peter the Great advanced youth and secular education, reformed the nation's calendar system to fit European standards, prioritized investment in industrial manufacturing, and improved trade relations dramatically. Through intelligence and a strong will, Peter left an indelible mark on Russia.

Intro[ | ]

Embrace the chill winds of the Motherland, Czar Peter. Your fascination with science and culture is a gift, and you will learn much from your Grand Embassies to foreign lands. Under your rule, Russia will surely flourish and spread, absorbing all that lies around it, perhaps creating the greatest land empire seen on this earth.

Leader bonus[ | ]

The Grand Embassy - Receives Icon main science Science or Icon Culture Culture from Icon stats land trade Trade Routes to civilizations that are more advanced than Russia (+1 per 3 technologies or civics ahead).

Leader agenda[ | ]

Westernizer= Likes civilizations who are ahead in science and culture but doesn't like civs who are behind in culture and science.

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