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Philip II
Icon Philip
Philip II
Civilization Spain
Bonus El Escorial
Agenda Counter Reformer
Ability Treasure Fleet
Unit Conquistador
Improvement Icon improvement mission Mission
Civ First Look
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Philip II is the leader for Spain in Civilization VI.

History[ | ]

For 48 years, Philip II was king of the massive Spanish Empire, and the most powerful ruler in Europe during the 16th century. He championed the Catholic faith, utilizing the Spanish Inquisition and leading several religious conflicts.

In staunch defense of Catholicism, Philip organized a "Holy League" against the Ottoman Empire, halting their dominance across the Mediterranean at the Battle of Lepanto in 1571. He later opposed Protestantism in England, and attempted to invade the country several times using his fleet of ships, the world-famous Spanish Armada.

Philip directly intervened during the French Wars of Religion between 1585 & 1595, financing the Catholic League and ultimately causing Catholicism to be the foremost religion in France.

Phillip II's reign ushered in a golden era for Spain. Despite constant religious warfare, Spain's culture flourished. Music, art, and literature boomed under Philip, culminating with the creation of the majestic El Escorial monastery and palace in 1595.

Intro[ | ]

All Spain stands ready to answer your prayers, devout King Philip II. From your palace at El Escorial you can send forth your followers: missionaries, apostles, and conquistadors ready to strike our across the seas spread the good word about your most holy empire. May the treasures they uncover fuel your quest to unite the world under one faith and one empire, making you truly the Most Catholic king.

Leader bonus[ | ]

El Escorial - Inquisitors can Remove Heresy one extra time. Combat units have a bonus of +4 Icon map pin strength Combat Strength against players following other Religions.

Leader agenda[ | ]

Counter Reformer: Likes civilizations who follow the same Religion, and wants his cities to all follow the same Religion. Hates anyone trying to spread their Religion into his empire.

Quotes[ | ]

"Nos somos Felipe, rey de españa y portugal. En pero, por en cima de todo, somos fieles devotos de la unica y verdadera religion."= First meeting

"Somos una nación de fe, y vuestro favora nuestra devocion os honra."= Counter Reformer: Positive

"No sois penitente, ¡blasfemáis! La venganza de Dios caiga sobre vuestra cabeza."= Counter Reformer: Negative

"Aquesto es absurdo, ¿Nos estáis declarando la guerra? ¿Acaso ignoráis el poderio de la armada invencible?"= Declares war as defender

"Se os ha juzgado por vuestros pecados, y ahora los expiaréis. Que Dios se compadezca de vuestra alma."= Declars war as attacker

"Nuestros estados... ¿Por qué señor? ¿Por qué nos has abandonado?"= Defeat

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