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Potala Palace
Icon building potala palace
Potala Palace
Base Cost Icon main production 783
Era Renaissance Era
Provides +2 Icon Culture Culture
+3 Icon Faith Faith
+1 Icon Diplomatic Policies Diplomatic Policy slot.
Technology Icon tech astronomy Astronomy
"The first time I stepped onto the rooftime of the Potala Palace, I felt, as never before or since, as if I were stepping onto the rooftop of my being: onto some dimension of consciousness that I'd never visited before." - Pico Iyer
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The Potala Palace is one of the Wonders in Civilization VI.

Notes[ | ]

  • Must be built on Hills adjacent to a Mountain.
  • The +1 Diplomatic Policy Slot is only added at time of construction. Capturing this wonder does not award an additional policy slot. This is both before and after the Fall 2016 Patch and appears to be intentional. It appears that you actually do get the policy after capturing a city with that wonder. It probably got changed after an update

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