Civilization VI Wiki
Cost Icon main science 25
Era Ancient Era
Unlocks Icon building granary Granary
Requires None
Leads To Icon tech writing Writing
Icon tech irrigation Irrigation
Eureka None
Allows harvesting of Wheat and Rice.

Pottery is an Ancient Era technology.

Quotes[ | ]

No man ever wetted clay and then left it, as if there would be bricks by chance and fortune.
~ Plutarch
I thought clay must feel happy in the good potter's hand.
~ Janet Fitch

Historical Context[ | ]

"The art or craft of the potter, the skill of creating ceramic items"-in other words, making things out of mud. With pottery, objects (sometimes useful) are shaped out of clay and then placed in an oven and subjected to high temperatures. The resulting product is extremely brittle but is airtight and more-or-less impervious to corrosion, oxidation, infestation, and other decay. The earliest pottery objects found include jugs and containers to hold liquid or grain. And some really ugly statuettes.