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Qin Shi Huang
Icon leader qin
Qin Shi Huang
Civilization China
Bonus The First Emperor
Agenda Wall of 10,000 Li
Ability Dynastic Cycles
Unit Crouching Tiger Cannon
Building Great Wall
Civ First Look
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Qin Shi Huang is the leader for China in Civilization VI.

History[ | ]

Qin Shi Huang was a ruthless leader, responsible for conquering and uniting the various warring states of China. He went on to become the first emperor of the Qin Dynasty in 221 BC.

During his reign, Qin Shi Huang's military generals greatly expanded the size of China's territory. Qin Shi Huang was known for enacting major economic and political reforms that helped bring standardization to the many varied Chinese states, as well as unifying each state's walls into one singular Great Wall of China. Finally, Qin Shi Huang is known for building the world-famous Terracotta Army – a literal army of life-sized clay soldiers.

Intro[ | ]

In your people lies your greatest strength, Emperor Qin She Huang. From all over the world, others will come to gaze upon the great walls and towering wonders of your united China. May the hands of your men never blister as they work hard and fast to raise the most impressive structures that the world will ever know. Protect them well, and you will forever be immortalized.

Strategy[ | ]

As Qin Shi Huang, generally, you want to go for the earlier wonders, especially the Hanging Gardens and the Oracle, from there, you can start reaching any victory, as the Oracle will give the Great People points you need and the Hanging Gardens will allow you to get tons of citizens quickly.

Religious: If you're planning on getting the religious victory as China, then getting the Stonehedge is a priority, although religious victory is likely the worst victory you can get with Qin Shi Huang, it is still an option.

Domination: With Qin Shi Huang, getting the Domination victory is probably the best option you have, besides Culture, once you can, get Crouching Tigers and build the Great Wall, building the Great Wall will also allow you to pursue the Culture victory while giving yourself an extra defensive measure, after that, start building bombards type units and you'll be able to take out any other civilization until they reach the Industrial Era.

Culture: By far, Culture is easily the best victory to get if you are going to have Qin Shi Huang, as not only does building wonders provide extra tourism, if you build connected parts of the Great Wall of China, then each connected wall will provide Tourism, Gold, and extra defense for your warriors. In terms of Great Works, being able to build the Library of Alexandria will give you an early start allowing for more Great Works. Later, dominate any late game wonders that provide Great Work spaces and Great Writes, Artists, or Musicians and its almost guaranteed you'll win.

Science: Although Dynastic Cycles allows for a quick completion of late game technologies, other civilizations more focused on Science will quickly overtake you. Like Religious, the only real way you'll win Science is either if no other leader tries to get science, or if you build as much early game wonders that provide either Great Scientist Points or Science.

Leader bonus[ | ]

The First Emperor - When building Ancient and Classical Wonders you may spend Builder charges to complete 15% of the original wonder cost. Builders receive an additional charge.

Leader agenda[ | ]

Wall of 10,000 Li - Dislikes anyone who builds more Wonders than him.

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