Icon unit ranger portrait.png
Type Land Combat
Movement Icon moves.png 3
Melee Strength Icon strength.png 45
Ranged Strength Icon ranged strength.png 60
Attack Range Icon range.png 1
Promotion Class Recon
Production Cost 380 Icon main production.png
Purchase Cost 380 Icon main gold.png
Technology Rifling
Maintenance Cost 5 Icon main gold.png
Upgrades From Scout
Fast-moving Industrial Era recon unit.

The Ranger is one of the Units in Civilization VI.


Icon promotion ranger.png Ranger
Faster Icon map pin movement.png Movement in Woods and Jungle Terrain.
Icon promotion alpine.png Alpine
Faster Icon map pin movement.png Movement on Hill Terrain.
Icon promotion sentry.png Sentry
Can see through Woods and Jungle.
Icon promotion guerrilla.png Guerrilla
Can move after attacking.
Icon promotion spyglass.png Spyglass
+1 sight range.
Icon promotion ambush.png Ambush
+20 Icon map pin strength.png Combat Strength in all situations.
Icon promotion camouflage.png Camouflage
Only adjacent enemy units can reveal this unit.
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