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Icon unit english redcoat
Movement Icon moves 2
Melee Strength Melee Strength 65
Production Cost Icon main production Icon main production

The Redcoat is one of the Unique Units in Civilization VI.

Description[ | ]

The Redcoats were a catch-all nickname for the British infantry during her reign as a global superpower, on the account of them wearing red uniforms. The wearing of such a conspicuous color may seem like a poor tactical choice, but in the age of muskets and gunpowder, battlefield smoke necessitated a bright, easily distinguishable uniform. An unconfirmed rumor suggests that it was also to hide any blood from injuries sustained while fighting (so as to not discomfort their comrades), but these have turned out to be nothing more than hearsay and old wive's tales.

Bonus[ | ]

Redcoats are stronger when fighting away from the Capitals continent. They can also disembark without using a Movement Point.