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Royal Navy Dockyard
Icon district royal navy dockyard
Royal Navy Dockyard
Base Cost Icon main production ?
Era Classical Era
Provides Icon map pin movement Naval Movement
Icon main gold Gold
Icon unitoperation admiral action Great Admiral Points
Technology Icon tech celestial navigation Celestial Navigation

The Royal Navy Dockyard is one of the Unique Districts from England in Civilization VI. The Royal Navy Dockyard replaces the Harbor District.

Description[ | ]

The first shipbuilding dockyard, which dates back to 1496 AD, was located in Portsmouth, a town on the south coast of England. At the height of its power, the British had the most powerful naval force on Earth. The Royal Navy constructed a series of facilities around the world where commissioned ships could be docked, refitted, repaired and overhauled for battle.

Notes[ | ]

  • It provides bonus movement for Naval Units built there, bonus Gold for Dockyards on other continents and Great Admiral points.
  • Replaces the Icon district harbor Harbor District.

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