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Icon civilization russia
Leader Peter
Bonus Grand Embassy
Agenda Westernizer
Ability Mother Russia
Unit Cossack
Building Lavra
Civ First Look
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Russia is one of the civilizations in Civilization VI.

Description[ | ]

In Civilization VI, each civilization has two abilities. One is based on what the nation has done throughout history and the other is tailored to what happened during the ruler's reign. Peter the Great leads Russia. Peter was a modernizing absolute monarch also famous for his tour of Europe in the age of the Enlightenment. Russia's special ability gives the civilization extra territory when they found their cities they also get extra Icon Faith Faith and Icon main production Production from tundra tiles.

The Cossack is Russia's unique unit. Cossacks are stronger than the Cavalry they replace and can move after they attack. Russia's unique district is the Lavra. When you use a Great Person at a city with a Lavra, you add a tile to the city's Icon Culture Culture border. Peter's ability is the Grand Embassy Russia receives Icon main science Science or Icon Culture Culture from trade routes to more advanced civilizations.

Russia is a civilization built to expand and take territory. Their ability and the Lavra mean you can constantly add new land to your empire, grabbing up space faster than your rivals. The Grand Embassy ability means you can rely on trade to help with your shortcomings in Icon main science Science or Icon Culture Culture. Got a friendly and smart neighbor? Have them help you out.

Notes[ | ]

  • Cossack -
  • Lavra - This Unique Building
  • Mother Russia - The special ability
  • Grand Embassy - Receives  [/] or  [/] from [/] to more advanced [/].

Cities[ | ]

Related achievements[ | ]

Bronze Horseman Bronze Horseman Win a regular game as Peter the Great
Trans-Siberian Railroad Trans-Siberian Railroad Playing as Russia, have a city that is at least 60 tiles away from your capital, connected by a Trade Route and road at the start of the turn.

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