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Icon leader saladin
Civilization Arabia
Bonus Righteousness Of The Faith
Agenda Ayyubid Dynasty
Ability The Last Prophet
Unit Mamluk
Building Madrasa
Civ First Look
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Saladin is the leader for Arabia in Civilization VI.

History[ | ]

Born in 1137, Saladin was the first sultan of Egypt and Syria, and led the Muslims during the Crusades.

Saladin initially began as a multilingual and knowledgeable scholar before beginning a military career under his uncle Asad al-Din Shirkuh. In Egypt, Saladin was but an obscure figure under ruler Nur al-Din, later ascending as a military expert and becoming Vizier of Cairo.

In 1171 Saladin became ruler of Egypt and conquered Damascus after the death of Nur al-Din. With newfound wealth, he went on to conquer Aleppo and Mosul in 1183 and 1186, and in 1187 he conquered the city of Jerusalem. This prompted the third crusade led by King Richard the Lionheart. After years of conflict, the Treaty of Ramla was signed in 1192, allowing Christian pilgrimages to Jerusalem although the holy city stayed under Muslim political control.

Saladin died of a fever in 1193 in Damascus, giving away his wealth to the people, and left behind a legacy as a powerful and honorable ruler respected by both his own people and adversaries alike.

Intro[ | ]

Leader bonus[ | ]

Righteousness Of The Faith - The worship Building for Arabia's Religion cost very little Icon Faith Faith to build and produces bonus Icon main science Science, Icon Faith Faith and Icon Culture Culture.

Leader agenda[ | ]

Wants to have his worship building in many cities, and likes a civilization with it. Dislikes civilizations following other Religions, or civilizations waging war on followers of his Religion.

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