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Icon main science Science is one of the more advanced Game Concepts in Civilization VI, which contributes to what makes a civilization grow. Science is accumulated per turn, as dependent on all sorts of things throughout the game, buildings, wonders, Icon unitcommand activate great person Great People, as well as Tile Improvements, Natural Wonders and a few other things. Various Technology is researched when enough science is accumulated, depending on the Era, or the Tech being researched.

Eureka[ | ]

In regards to Icon main science Science, the Technology tree is similar to previous Civ games with a major addition: The Eureka bonus, which can be seen as a sort of quest. Once a player meets the requirements, the Technology becomes 50% easier to research. Note that if a tech is already under research and the requirements are fulfilled and get a Eureka bonus in the middle of it, depending on how far along the research is, the research is pushed an additional 50%, and if it's more than 50% already, the research gets pushed to completion.

Generating Science[ | ]

Science comes from citizens (the population of a player's cities). Each turn players get a base amount of Science equal to the combined population of all of their cities. The larger the cities, the more science generated. In addition to the Science generated by the base population, players gain 2 Science from their Palace. Additional Science can be earned by constructing specific buildings or wonders, or by adopting certain policies.

  • Trade - Trade routes can yield Science from Scientific city-states, or other civilizations' cities that contain Campus districts.
  • Districts and buildings - Players can construct a Campus district in each city with buildings that increase the acquisition of science. The Library, for example, gives +2 science per turn, a great scientist point per turn, and allows scientist specialists to be assigned.
  • Wonders - A number of wonders will greatly enhance a civilization's technology. The Great Library wonder will award +2 Science per turn, and players will receive fee boosts to all Ancient and Classical era technologies.
  • Great Scientist - A Great Scientist, when earned, can provide all sorts of science bonuses, depending which one claimed. For example, Albert Einstein triggers a boost for 1 random Modern or Atomic era technology, and also provides +4 science to all Universities.
  • Policies - Various policies in the game will award additional Science when applied to a player's government. For example, the Military Research policy awards +1 Science to each Military Academy and Seaport.
  • Population - Your cities gain +0.7 science per population point.

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