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Specialists are one of the Game Concepts in Civilization VI.

When a City is first created in Civilization VI, all of its Citizens (population) will work the Tiles around the city, generating Icon main food Food, Icon main production Production, Icon main gold Gold, etc. Later on, you can construct Districts and Buildings which allow you to reassign some of the citizens to work in the districts as Specialists. For example, the Icon Campus Campus can hold 3 Buildings, and you can assign one Scientist specialist for each building you have constructed in the Campus. So if you’ve constructed a Library and a University, you can assign 2 Scientist specialists.

Note that not all buildings create specialists; see the Buildings page for more information.
  • To assign a specialist, click on the city, and you'll see the City Screen. Hit the the "Manage Citizens" button above the city info, and then, click on the district File:Citizens.png Citizen icon to add a specialist. A citizen will be removed from working a Tile and assigned to work in the newly assigned District. If you click on the slot again, the citizen will be removed from the building and reassigned to work in the fields (or wherever it was previously working depending on your city output).
See the Citizens page for more details on assigning citizens to work tiles and as specialists.
  • Remember that a citizen working in a tile is generating something for the city. Once that citizen is assigned as a specialist, they are not working in the previous assigned tile, and whatever they were producing will be potentially lost. Therefore, it's a good idea to check your city's output generation after creating / assigning specialists to ensure that your city can afford the output lost.
  • If a Citizen is not assigned to work in the fields and is not a specialist, that Citizen is "unemployed". They will continue to provide 1 Icon main gold Gold to the city regardless, but will continue to consume as much food as your other employed citizens.

Specialist Types[ | ]

There are five different classes of specialists. The type of specialist a citizen becomes depends on the type of building or district they are assigned to