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Street Carnival
Icon district street carnival
Street Carnival
Base Cost Icon main production Half of Entertainment Complex
Era Industrial Era
Provides +2 Icon Amenities Amenities
+ Icon unitcommand activate great person Great People Points on completion
Technology Icon civic games recreation Games And Recreation Civic
"A district unique to Brazil dedicated to keeping your people happy by increasing Amenities. Replaces the Entertainment Complex district."

The Street Carnival is one of the Unique District from Brazil in Civilization VI.

Description[ | ]

Notes[ | ]

  • This is a Unique version of the Entertainment Complex District for Brazil.
  • Replaces Entertainment Complex District.
  • The Carnival Project holds an elaborate festival which makes citizens more happy and helps uncover talented individuals. +2 Amenities for this city while being worked. Earn Great (Artist, Engineer, Merchant, Musician, Writer) Points upon completion.

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