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The various Terrain in Civilization VI. Rough terrain (hills, forest, rivers) require Units have enough movement points to enter. (For example, if a Warrior unit has 1 movement point left, and a Hills tile has a movement cost of 2, the unit will not be able to enter the Hills tile that turn, but must instead wait until the next turn until it has its full 2 movement points.) Thus often ranged units positioned in rough terrain will get an extra turn to shoot, as Units with +2 movement will have to stop in the adjacent tile before attacking.


Each Tile Improvements or Terrain is rated for "Appeal", which is increased by proximity to Woods, Rivers and Coastline, or Natural Wonders.

"Appeal is mostly driven by the natural surroundings, but Buildings do have an effect on it; they can also have a negative effect on it. People don't like living next to an airport; it's too noisy. They don't like living next to an Industrial Zone where all the manufacturing is going on, and Mines and Quarries are nearby and those kinds of things. So, we have a lot of factors, some of them are based on the terrain - people like living near the Woods, they might not like living near the Rain Forest. We have a whole list of factors that push appeal up or push it down. That determines where the best places outside your city to get the extra housing; You want to put the extra housing in places where there is a nice high appeal." - Ed Beach

List Of Terrain[]


Base terrain Yield Notes
Coast/Lake 1Icon main food.png
1Icon main gold.png
Lakes provide fresh water.
Hills +1 Icon main production.png Production is in addition to one other base terrain type: Desert, Grasslands, Plains, Snow, or Tundra.
Grasslands 2 Icon main food.png
Ocean 1 Icon main food.png
Plains 1 Icon main food.png
1 Icon main production.png
Tundra 1 Icon main food.png


Feature Yield Notes
Floodplains +3 Icon main food.png Desert tiles next to a River.
Ice Impassable: Cannot be worked, built on, or traversed.
Marsh +1 Icon main food.png Can be cleared by a builder (Irrigation tech).
Mountain Impassable: Cannot be worked, built on, or traversed.
Natural Wonder Various special effects. Many are impassable.
Oasis +3 Icon main food.png
+1 Icon main gold.png
Only found on Desert tiles not adjacent to another feature, River, or Coast. Provides fresh water.
Rainforest +1 Icon main food.png Can be chopped by a Builder (Bronze Working tech).
Woods +1 Icon main production.png Can be chopped by a Builder (Mining tech). Can be planted by a builder (Conservation civic).

Tile borders[]


  • Instead of taking up a single tile, Cities can now expand across multiple Tiles
  • Rivers, Cliffs, Woods, Coasts and Natural Wonders will add to the appeal of a tile.
  • Districts gain bonuses based on what terrain you place them on or surrounds them (eg. Campuses gain bonuses for adjacent mountains).

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