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The Hetairoi is a unique heavy cavalry unit of the Macedonian civilization (when led by Alexander) in Civilization VI. It replaces the Horseman.

In the Gathering Storm expansion, the Hetairoi requires 10 Horses (Civ6) Horses to train.

Attributes: Higher Production cost (100 vs. 80). +5 additional Combat Strength when adjacent to a Great General. +5 Great General points from kills. Starts with a free promotion. Ignores enemy Zone of Control. No strategic resource requirement.

Unlike the Horseman it replaces, the Hetairoi is classified as a heavy cavalry unit, which means they can be upgraded into Knights. This means any Hetairoi you build can stay relevant for a long time, from the early game through the mid-game, into the Industrial Era. For Alexander, there is only one way to victory: fight with your neighbours to generate General6 Great General points, conquer their cities to trigger Hellenistic Fusion's bonus, and use these Eureka moments to speed through the tech tree, and keep your units up-to-date and your army powerful.