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Introduced in Persia and Macedon Civilization & Scenario Pack (Civ6) Melee unit of the Classical Era, the Hypaspist is The Macedonian unique unit, which replaces the swordsman. Technology Required: Iron Working Production cost: 100 Gold cost: 400 Resources: Iron Melee strength: 36 Movement: 2 Maintenance: 2 Gold Upgrades to: Musketman Notes -In the Gathering Storm expansion, the Hypaspist requires 5 Iron Iron to train.

Attributes: Higher Production cost (100 vs. 90). +5 Combat Strength when besieging a district. +50% support bonuses. +10 Combat Strength vs. anti-cavalry units. No strategic resource requirement.

Although the Hypaspist wields a spear, it's not an anti-cavalry unit: it's a melee unit that functions best when adjacent to other friendly units or attacking a district. They also work very well in conjunction with Alexander's Hetairoi - the Hypaspists line up and attack enemy units to weaken them, then the Hetairoi swoop in to deal the killing blow and earn General6 Great General points. Together, they can mop up the forces around enemy cities until the Hypaspists are in position to lay siege to them. Used in this way, a mixed force of Hypaspists and Hetairoi will prove very difficult for other civilizations to fight off in the early stages of the game.