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The World Congress was added in the Civilization 6 Expansion: The Rising Storm. The World Congress is where you make your voice heard amongst the other civilizations in the world. It is also an important part of the Diplomatic Victory. Proposals are sent before the World Congress for vote, and come in two types: Resolutions and Discussions.

Resolutions[ | ]

Resolutions affect all civilizations, such as banning a Luxury Resource or gaining extra Amenities from each copy of the resource.

Discussions[ | ]

Discussions are potential Scored Competitions or Emergencies that members of the World Congress may join, like World Games or a Religious Emergency.

Special Sessions[ | ]

Members can summon a Special Session if they have an Emergency they need addressed, like a request for aid after a natural disaster.

Diplomatic Favor[ | ]

Diplomatic Favor is a new form of currency in the game. Your diplomatic actions will earn you Diplomatic Favor that can be used in the World Congress to help you or hinder others.

Diplomatic Favor can be earned through Alliances, City-States of which you are the Suzerain, success in Scored Competitions, and more.

There are major and minor ways to gain Diplomatic Favor through a game. Some actions will grant a large payout of Favor all at once, and some will grant it slowly over time. Try trading for other players' Favor to strengthen your position in the World Congress.

You can spend your Diplomatic Favor to extract promises from other players, call Special Sessions of Congress, and buy votes in the World Congress. Or save up Diplomatic Favor throughout the game to pursue Diplomatic Victory Points in the later eras.

Diplomatic Victory Points[ | ]

Gather Diplomatic Victory Points to pursue the new Diplomatic Victory.

When the World Congress meets, there will be a number of Resolutions available for determination. When voting resolves, all players will receive a Diplomatic Victory Point for each Resolution for which they chose the winning target and option.

Starting in the Modern Era, players will be able to use their Diplomatic Favor in World Congress to compete for Diplomatic Victory Points. Win the Resolution to bring yourself closer to victory, or to prevent other players from achieving their own.

Emergencies such as Aid Requests and World Games will provide Diplomatic Victory Points to the player who gets the highest score.