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Theater Square
Icon district theater square
Theater Square
Base Cost Icon main production 60
Era Classical Era
Provides +1 Icon unitoperation writer action Great Writer point per turn.
+1 Icon unitoperation artist action Great Artist point per turn.
+1 Icon unitoperation musician action Great Musician point per turn.
Technology Icon civic drama poetry Drama And Poetry Civic
"A district in your city for cultural sites."
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The Theater Square is a District in Civilization VI.

Description[ | ]

A district in your city for cultural sites.

Yields and Bonuses[ | ]

Citizen Yields[ | ]

Trade Yields[ | ]

  • Domestic Destination: +1 Icon main food Food
  • International Destination: +1 Icon Culture Culture

Adjacency Bonus[ | ]

  • +1 Culture from each adjacent wonder.
  • +1 Culture from every 2 adjacent district tiles.

Cost and Requirements[ | ]

Base Cost: 60 Production

Requirements: Drama And Poetry

Replaced by: Acropolis

Unlocks[ | ]

Civilopedia Historical Context[ | ]

As the urban middle-class took on aspects of being "cultured" in the late 19th Century, it demanded more refined entertainments than bear-baiting and bare-knuckle boxing. Theater districts were the answer, usually clustering around existing theaters and museums patronized by the upper-class. Thus New York City's Broadway district saw a number of new music halls and restaurants open immediately after the Metropolitan Opera House relocated to West 39th and Broadway in 1883. In the earlier 1800s, London's West End theater district expanded outward from the Royal Opera House in Covent Garden. In time, all those that feed off theatrical talent were also found in the theater districts: recording studios, radio studios, agents, producers, and so forth.

Media[ | ]