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Mini Icon Great Artist
Base Stats
Type Great Artist
Era Industrial Era
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Titian is one of the Icon unitcommand activate great person Great People (Great Artist) in Civilization VI.

Great Works[ | ]

Activate at a district or wonder with an available Great Work slot.

Description[ | ]

With commissions from the likes of Pope Paul III, King Philip II of Spain, and Holy Roman Emperor Charles V, Tiziano Vecellio - Titian - was well-known and well-favored. Born at some point between 1488 and 1490 (church records being what they were), Tiziano spent his early years in Pieve di Cadore, then a Venetian holding. Not much is known of this stage of his life. In 1516 Titian began work on his first major commission, finishing the 'Assumption of the Virgin' two years later fro the church Santa Maria Gloriosa die Frari. His deft use of color and his realistic rendering of the human form immediately made him a star.

This led him to gain more commissions from an international clientele, such as the 'The Worship of Venus' for Alfonso d'Este, Duke of Ferrara, and 'Venus and Adonis' for Philip II. (Titian seems to have had a fixation on the Roman goddess of love, for he panted several pieves featuring her.) In 1525 he married Cecilia, who had been his "housekeeper" for five years (and already borne him two sons). In August 1530 Cecilia died and he remarried, although nothing is known of her.

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